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This is a revolutionary way of approaching, learning and understanding Chord Theory. 

Through experimentation and practice, the world of chords can be unlocked.

With over 65 different chord types offering over 6000 different voicings (and more being continuously added), this is the definitive chord resource for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


  • Use the built-in chromatic tuner to help tune your instrument if needed.
  • Play a chord one note at a time (preferably from low to high).
  • Only progress to the next note once the current note has been recognized.

  • When a chord has been recognized, click "Details" to see relevant information about that chord type.


(Note: Although Chordpal will work in moderately noisy environments, for optimum results, please try to use Chordpal in as quiet an environment as possible. In any case, Chordpal now contains a background noise-filter which allows for the reduction of background noise when using the app).

iPod Touch Users: make sure the head-set/mic is attached to use this app.

Here's a video explaining how best to use Chordpal:



  • Includes built-in chromatic tuner to tune any type of instrument.
  • Includes information on each type of chord for example: how to form the chords etc.
  • Designed and tested for Guitar & Piano/Keyboard (will work for most single-voiced instruments in any tunings).

Click here to purchase Chordpal from the iTunes Appstore.


Scary Sounds App

Scary Sounds App

Scare your friends (or even yourself!) with the Scary Sounds App.

Contains over 50 genuinely scary sound clips. Why not hook your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad to your home cinema system and freak out your unsuspecting friends - ideal for Halloween Parties and practical jokes.

15 ambient clips ranging from 50 seconds to over 2 minutes in length. These clips can be played in the background while you choose to play any of the other sounds on top - creating your own scary atmosphere.

44 short clips. These clips can optionally be played simultaneously - allowing you to create your own spooky soundtrack. Play these clips over the ambient background clips for added effect. 


Clips include: 

Screeching Cats. Howling Werewolves. Creaking Doors. Barking Dogs. Screaming Humans. Thunder & Wind. Evil Laughter. Moaning Zombies.

Click here to purchase Scary Sounds App from the iTunes Appstore.




If you have no reason to Slap Santa, then you better make one up because SlapSanta is here.

This app is for those who've ever been let down by Santa. 

Never got that present you asked for? Slap Santa. 

Santa left a mess the night he came down your chimney? Slap Santa. 

Whatever the reason might be: Just Slap Santa! 

* Slap him in the face.

* Poke him in the eye. 

* Stretch his head. 

* Punch him in the stomach. 

* Drop him on his head. 

Slap Santa: Have Fun (The crowd is behind you all the way!)

Click here to purchase SlapSanta from the iTunes Appstore.

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